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Advanced Technology at the Encinitas Periodontist Practice of Dr. Leonard Koltun


Cone Beam C.T. scans are used in my office to precisely plan safe, cosmetic implant placement. The dental C.T. scan can aid in visualizing an array of prosthetic options as it relates to actual skeletal bone and existing teeth. The 3-D views rended in this electronic format provides a wealth of information measured in micron thick slices. Most C.T. scanning programs have the ability to manipulate the collective radiographic information with the aid of virtual tools to help design and then review options for future dental work. This type of discovery tool because of its versatility, has become more of a necessity rather than an option in planning a complex dental case for patients presenting to my office with a need or desire for dental implants and periodontally compromised teeth.

In today’s dental practice the use of surgical planning utilizing computer model designs is not only a reality but almost a necessity especially for implant supported prosthetic cases.

 As a periodontist I often rely on computer models to radiographically illustrate bone loss attachment levels to accurately design and project surgical plans for regenerative tissue growth in preparation for implant placement and  cosmetic appeal.

Computer aided models  can also help at times predict whether an area of the mouth might better be suited for a fixed prosthesis based on the condidtion of the exisiting teeth and bone residing at that site, or whether the teeth should be replaced and the site prepared for future implants.

Other advanced technological services incorpoated into our surgical procedures may include:

Partial jaw reconstruction utilizing advanced bone and soft tissue grafting

Utilization and incorporation of new biochemically engineered growth factors to enhance and  stimulate more bone and soft tissue growth.