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Learn More About Periodontal Disease from a Periodontist in Encinitas, CA Dr. Leonard Koltun

Research has shown that there is an oral systemic disease relationship between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and osteoporosis.

A recent consensus paper jointly published in the American Journal of Periodontology and the American Journal of Cardiology provides recommendations for treating and preventing these diseases in  patients far beyond the inclusive and sometimes limited results obtainable using conventional antibiotic and root planning and scaling methodologies.

Periodontists, trained as dentistry’s experts in the treatment of oral inflammation, can provide valuable treatment to curb and even reconstruct sites affected by periodontal disease damage, and in doing so, limit the potential risk of worsening or contributing to other systemic disease states as well as immunologically helping to stabilize the patient’s  health.

By the prudent use of comprehensive surgical regenerative treatment, immunologically compromised tissues can be removed and replaced by regenerative graft material, minimizing sources of infection effecting other body tissues, and in doing so also positively impact on dental health by helping to rebuild valuable attachment fibers and bone.

As a clinically practicing periodontist for over 30 years I have always strived (whether it be at the university level, lecturing at hospital seminar forums, or speaking for specialty dental and medical groups) to contribute to the educational advancement of my colleagues’ knowledge by lecturing on and clinically using relevant new treatment modalities to help curb infection and create enhanced healthier hard and soft tissue sites.

The American Journal of Cardiology and Journal of Periodontology Editor’s Consensus: Periodontitis and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

Colgate white Papers, Oral Inflammation; A Six-Part Series on the Oral and Systemic Disease Relationship

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