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Clinical Periodontal Services in Encinitas, CA


Our office provides a wide spectrum of periodontal services of both a non-surgical and surgical variety to restore periodontal health. Treatment modalities depend on the type of disease or the condition that is sought to be corrected, and may include regenerating bone, enhancing gum tissue, or the use of dental implants to achieve the most ideal functional and cosmetic appearance for your mouth.

At your initial appointment a complete dental and periodontal exam will be completed checking teeth, gums, and oral structures for their functional health. A cancer screening exam will be done, and a complete consultation including the diagnosis and prognosis of the oral problem, as well as the etiology of the disease will be discussed. Treatment descriptions and recommendations will be suggested, and your referring dentist will be consulted, and given a report of the findings.

The primary step for most periodontal therapy includes root planning and scaling with ultrasonic and hand scaling instruments which is sometimes followed by the local delivery of antimicrobials to help cleanse the area. This technique sensitive procedure aids in the removal of hard and soft deposits of plaque from around teeth harboring the bacteria which produce toxins along with a mineralized form of plaque called calculus. This valuable first line procedure sometimes is all that is needed to treat mild periodontal disease.

This procedure is also an invaluable first step therapy to prepare periodontally damaged areas leaving them with an enhanced circulation and a lesser bacterial burden so that they are better conditioned for surgical procedures.