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I have been a patient of Dr. Koltun's for just over one year. He did a fantastic job on a restorative implant for me and I could not be happier. His attention to detail, insuring adequate time in each step of the process allowed for a full and secure implant. At each visit, he fully explained the process to follow and offered time estimates on progress. I knew this would not be a "one-day" project as some advertise, but I wanted a lasting and professional procedure. I am not disappointed. If you are considering an implant, I recommend you give the doctor a call and let him explain the entire process and why it really needs to be a progressive project if a professional appearance and full functionality is what you desire.
Edward M.

Dr. Koltun is thorough, highly knowledgeable and incredibly talented at his profession. He impeccable in his work. In many ways, he did what I didn't think was possible, restoring a section of gum line and grafting another section. Both he and Linda are the kind of people you want when it comes to periodontal work.
Mark Z.

Wow, what a relief to find him in Encinitas!  I only wish the standards were such that every doctor was as knowledgeable, smart, and ethical as Dr. Koltun. Hand's down he's the thinking person's doctor.  He is refreshingly practical and straightforward during consult and treatment and will give you loads of information to help you understand issues and available options.  He will only treat what is necessary and healthy for the patient.  Imagine that!  Honesty!!  Not grabbing after your wallet! (Go elsewhere if you want someone to give you lip-service about cosmetic issues and perform work you don't actually need.) I will ONLY go here from now on and there's no question where my family and loved ones will go should the need ever arise!
Mary W.

My experience with Dr. Koltun was very positive. Coming from someone who is very uncomfortable with dental work, that's a huge endorsement!
Dr. Koltun has years of experience, both on the East and West Coasts. He is very professional and passionate about his work, yet is welcoming and warm, and makes you comfortable, while explaining the procedures in layman's terms.
His office is clean and inviting, and his staff is warm, informative and professional.
I hugged them with relief after each phase of my dental implants, because all of my fears faded, as I was made to feel comfortable throughout my treatment.
Dr. Koltun often lectures to other professionals in the field, and is highly regarded by everyone in my dental office.
I have recommended him to friends and family, and will continue to do so.
Enid R.

Dr. Koltun is one of the most qualified and experienced dentists you will find! Check out his website! I had several loose teeth from major bone loss when I was referred to Dr. Koltun. He took the time to develop several choices, using his extensive knowledge and experience, before presenting a treatment plan that would work best for me. He and Linda were available for all of my questions in between appointments. You are in good hands with Dr. Koltun.
Donna L

I am very grateful and fortunate to have Dr. Koltun as my Dentist/Periodontist.  Dentistry is practiced at its best.  Knowledge beyond compare in his field of expertise and refreshingly candid in explaining your dental treatment.  You'll know that you will be in great healing hands and will be receiving the best care.  Special "shout out" to Ms. Linda, the awesome the office administrator, who will be there in all aspect of care from admin to patient care.  Much love and appreciation!
Ed L